My newest website

Ramen at Bone daddies

Well. I never really managed to have a unique online presence where I can share what I care about. I always had one website that acted as "CV" with loads of details about my work (Dr Hyde), and another site where I would publish my pictures and fun (Mr Jekyll).

So what better than a single website where I collect:

1. links I care about

2. photos & thoughts I care about

3. basic infos about me

So this one is it. Most of my daily activity (links, comments, etc.) are shared on my social stream (Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn). Everything else is aggregated on my Tumblr. That's it.

Here, the most exciting content you'll find are my photos. I love food, traveling, and people, so for the technical stuff look on linkedin. What do you think? (yeah, I love that ramen too...)

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